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Creating website assets for your business

High ranking websites capture internet traffic. Internet traffic converts to customers, which increases a business's bottom line. A highly ranked website that increases a business's bottom line is an asset to any business.

Boutique Website Services in Lane Cove and Sydney!

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Web Design

In today’s world, a successful website is one that serves as an asset to your business. One that attracts and captures visitors (leads) and converts them into loyal customers.

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SEO Services

Visibility and first impressions count! Our mission is to ensure that your business is ranked highly for any relevant internet searches for your products and services.

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Website redesign

In this highly competitive and ever changing digital landscape, maintaining your digital asset is essential to the success and continued growth of most businesses.

We make your websites become your assets!

Boutique website designer in Lane Cove (Sydney)

We are a boutique website design agency that specialises in creating your websites that are specifically tailored to your business intentions and goals. 

We do not rush in to build your website. Instead, we love to hear about your business and what your intentions and goals are for your business. This will assist us in providing you with a proposal on what functions your website needs to meet these expectations. 

We are passionate about creating websites that:

  1. serve as an asset to your business by placing your business on the online marketing world
  2. generating leads for your business
  3. converts leads into loyal and recurring clients and or customers
  4. strengthens client retentions

The main services that we can help your business is website designs, SEO services, and website redesigns.

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Why choose KeeWebDesigns?

Our Digital Marketing Awards

eBusiness Institute Student Award For Excellence

Compatible website developers

We believe that our working relationships with our clients is essential when creating your website product. 

We are a professional, friendly and transparent boutique website designer agency who believes that good communication is the foundation of any website creation project.

We have regular communication with our clients at each milestone of the project to update the progress of the project as well as to ensure that the client is happy with each step of the process. This avoids delays in the website being completed due to reworks arising from misunderstandings. 

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Our Services

Website Design

Our website design process follows 3 simple steps:

  1. We begin with a website strategy consultation: We want to ensure we build a website that is tailored to suit your business and targets the right kind of traffic to your business. We do this by gaining an in depth understanding of you business and leveraging your knowledge and expertise about your industry.
  2. We combine Kee Web Designs knowledge and expertise of data and analytics, website design and SEO expertise to ensure that we build a highly ranked website for your target market.
  3. Once we have collated and validated the information collected from steps 1 and 2, we build your desired website that will rank highly for your target market. The final product will be a website that will serve as an additional asset to your business, increasing your business visibility to the ever increase number of internet users and millions of prospects out the digital market.

SEO Services

The days before the internet boom, for any business with a shop front, it was all about location, location, location. Today, online presence is all about search engine ranking. At Kee Web Designs, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that your website is constantly up to date with the latest contents and links that contain the relevant keywords necessary to ensure your website is a highly ranked within your industry and also ranks amongst your online competitors.

Website redesign

At Kee Web Designs, we want to ensure that all our clients focus on running their business and serving their clients and/or customers. We take the creation and management of your digital asset off your hands, with the peace of mind that you have the best team supporting you and your online marketing needs.

For businesses who have existing websites, Kee Web Designs can also help you assess the competitiveness of your existing website and unlock its potential and boost it’s asset value to your business. Call us now, for a free website strategy consultation to see whether your website could do with a redesign to unlock the full potential of your website and thereby unlocking the full potential of your business.

Our Team

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